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Chloe Mattilio

Chloe Mattilio's research while a PhD candidate at the University of Wyoming was partially funded by YRLSP grant money. Her work for the YRLSP included the design and creation of two mapping applications that will be contributing to the control of leafy spurge across the entire Yampa River Basin. Chloe's remote sensing mapping application promises to accurately detect existing leafy spurge infestations using high spatial resolution, multispectral satellite imagery. Her invasive risk modelling application also facilitates monitoring potential habitats for the arrival of new leafy spurge infestations.

Chloe Mattilio and her assistant Caz Norton in the field, groundtruthing their remote sensing application results.

Chloe's Chapter 3

PhD Dissertation (Chapter 3), November 2021

— Mattilio. PhD Dissertation (chapter 3), November 2021.
Chloe's PowerPoint

Power Point, August 2021

At the August 2021 YRLSP Working Group meeting, Chloe Mattilio presented an update on the progress she had made at that time on her remote-sensing mapping and invasive risk modelling applications. View a downloadable PDF of her PowerPoint presentation by clicking on the image below, or HERE.

Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing Application Development

In November 2020, Chloe provided a detailed technical description of the process for developing her remote-sensing mapping application. View a downloadable PDF of the full document by clicking on the image below, or HERE.

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