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Index to Maps

This page provides an index to all of the PDF map files appearing on our web pages. The index is divided into two groups—Current Maps (those maps currently appearing on our regular web pages), and Archived Maps (which have been replaced or removed from our regular web pages). To visit our new Interactive Map application, click HERE.


Clicking on the blue text or the map/series thumbnail will take you directly to the map or series at its current location on the YRLSP website, where each map can then be downloaded as a PDF. You can also go directly to our archived maps page by clicking HERE.

Remember that all PDF map files posted to this website are designed to reveal excellent detail when zoomed to 400%. This is particularly useful for viewing our leafy spurge maps, where the leafy spurge infestations are all represented to scale.

Current Maps

Current Maps

About/Who We Are/YRLSP Areas of Concern

Projects/Biological Control/Legacy Leafy Spurge Release Sites

YRLSP BioControl Legacy Releases.jpg

Projects/Field Mapping/Key to Detailed Field Maps

Projects/Field Mapping/Dinosaur National Monument Series

YRLSP Spurge Maps Overview 2022.jpg

Projects/Field Mapping/Dinosaur to Maybell Series

Projects/Field Mapping/Craig to Hayden Series

Projects/Remote Sensing/Key to Remote Sensing Maps

Projects/Remote Sensing/Dinosaur to Maybell Series

Projects/Remote Sensing/Craig to Hayden Series

Archived Maps

Archived Maps

About/Archives/Map Archives/Preliminary LYC Map Series

About/Archives/Map Archives/BioControl Species Presence 2019

YRLSP BioControl New Releases YRSWA 2022 labels.jpg
YRLSP BioControl New Releases Moffat 2022 labels.jpg

About/Archives/Map Archive/Remote Sensing Mapping Example

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