Show Me Floats

The YRLSP sponsors an annual “Show Me Float” to introduce interested stakeholders to the leafy spurge problem from a river perspective. Typically a one-day event, YRLSP volunteers provide the boats and gear for an instructive float down a local section of the Yampa River. The beauty of this often out-of-sight natural resource can be surprising, even to longtime residents, while the implications of the leafy spurge infestations along the way become clear. Below are some galleries of sample photographs from past Show Me Floats in the Craig area.

Unfortunately, events have conspired to cancel the past two years' Show Me Floats, each planned as a two-day trip down the Little Yampa Canyon. Our 2019 float was cancelled at the last moment due to atrocious weather, and corona virus precautions derailed the 2020 float. But we'll be trying again in 2021! 

2018 Show Me Float


2016 Show Me Float