Upcoming Events

All upcoming events should be considered tentative, subject to ongoing coronovirus guidelines and restrictions.



Wednesday, August 12, 10:00 am

Carpenter Ranch, Highway 40 east of Hayden

The public is invited to attend Working Group Meetings. If you would like to be added to the E-mail list for receiving information on future meeting dates, agendas and minutes, E-mail Ben Beall.


Little Yampa Canyon

June 19–20

We regret that this year's extraordinary circumstances required cancelling the 2020 Show Me Float. Let's keep our hopes up for next year!

Kids Workshops


One goal of the YRLSP is to engage local Boys and Girls Clubs, school science classes, and other youth organizations in biological control monitoring activities. It is hoped that these activities will foster in the next generation an enhanced appreciation for the complex relationships between the Yampa River, its associated riparian habitats, agricultural water delivery systems, and invasive weeds. In 2019, the YRLSP sponsored a two-day kids’ workshop on invasive weeds and biological control.

2019 Kids Workshop


Show Me Floats

The YRLSP sponsors an annual “Show Me Float” to introduce interested stakeholders to the leafy spurge problem from a river perspective. Typically a one-day event, YRLSP volunteers provide the boats and gear for an instructive float down a local section of the Yampa River. The beauty of this often out-of-sight natural resource can be surprising, even to longtime residents, while the implications of the leafy spurge infestations along the way become clear.

2018 Show Me Float


2016 Show Me Float


Dinosaur Weed Warriors

For two decades, Dinosaur National Monument’s Resource Management Division has sponsored volunteer “Weed Warrior” service trips along the Green and Yampa rivers within the monument. In the early days these trips typically focused on the control of invasive tamarisk, but more recently the focus has been on the burgeoning leafy spurge invasion.

2018 Weed Warriors


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