This page provides an index to all of the maps on our website pages. Clicking on the blue text or the map/series thumbnail will take you directly to the map or series at its current location on the YRLSP website, where each map can then be downloaded as a PDF.

Remember that all PDF map files posted to this website are designed to reveal excellent detail when zoomed to 400%. This is particularly useful for viewing our leafy spurge maps, where the leafy spurge infestations are all represented to scale.

About/Who We Are/YRLSP Areas of Concern

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About/Archives/Map Archives/Preliminary LYC Map Series

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About/Archives/Map Archives/BioControl Species Presence 2019

Projects/Biological Control/Legacy Leafy Spurge Release Sites

YRLSP BioControl Legacy Releases.jpg

Projects/Biological Control/YRLSP Biological Control Releases

YRLSP BioControl New Releases 2020.jpg

Projects/Field Mapping/Key to Detailed Field Maps

YRLSP Spurge Maps Overview 2020.jpg
DINO series.jpg
CrossMtn Series.jpg
Axial series.jpg

Projects/Field Mapping/Craig to Hayden Map Series

Craig series.jpg