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Yampa-White-Green Basin Roundtable Grant

In late 2017, YRLSP partners began working on a grant application for submission to the Yampa-White-Green Basin Roundtable (YWG-BRT). Our goal was to secure funding to move our efforts forward in several key areas. In October of 2018, we successfully completed the application process, securing $89,000 from the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) Water Supply Reserve Fund (WSRF) Yampa-White-Green Basin account. Our grant application also included matching fund commitments from Moffat County ($15,000 over two years), Routt County ($15,000 over two years) and the University of Wyoming ($12,600 over two years). Partner agencies, organizations and individuals contributed more than $46,000 toward in-kind match over the duration of the grant. Friends of the Yampa stepped up to serve as fiscal agent and official applicant for the grant.

A request for extension of the period of performance from end date of June 30, 2021, to end date of December 31, 2021, was approved by CWCB on November 23, 2020. The extension allowed for completion of tasks impacted by Covid-19 restrictions during the summer of 2020. 

Six-Month Progress Reports

List of Deliverables

Task #1 "Develop a watershed-scale management framework for leafy spurge in the Yampa Valley through mapping and predictive modeling."

Task #1A, field mapping of leafy spurge in the Yampa River corridor, was conducted by YRLSP volunteers. More detailed information and downloadable maps are also available on our Field Mapping page.

Task #1B, remote sensing mapping and predictive (invasion risk) modeling for leafy spurge in the Yampa River Basin, was accomplished through the work of Chloe Mattilio, PhD candidate at the University of Wyoming. More detailed information about Chloe's work can also be found on our Research page. The third chapter of Chloe's dissertation is her final report for this task, and can be downloaded HERE.

Task #2 "Identify best integrated management practices for reducing leafy spurge seed production in riparian habitat in the Yampa Valley."

Task #2 was accomplished through the graduate studies conducted by Hannah Kuhns, Masters Degree candidate at the University of Wyoming. More detailed information about Hannah's work can also be found on our Research page. Hannah's masters thesis is her final report for this task, and can be downloaded HERE.

Task #3 "Education and Outreach—Engage youth in the Yampa River Leafy Spurge Project, using biological control as a means of encouraging learning participation and productive involvement."

Task #3 was multifaceted, and accomplished through the many contributions of YRLSP volunteers and our partner agencies. A comprehensive description of the components of this task can be found in the Task 3 Final Report. Additional information can be found on our Biological Control and Youth Outreach pages, and the Resources page also lists several documents for download that were developed by the YRLSP to accomplish this task.

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